Over the course of the Italian Grand Prix weekend, every team principal has given his approval to a 2012 Testing Agreement, which commits teams to three pre-season tests and one that will take place at Mugello after the first flyaway events

Under the terms of the agreement, 2012 testing will commence at Jerez in Spain on February 7, with two further tests taking place in Barcelona from February 21-24 and March 1-4.

Then, following a push by FIA president Jean Todt to get in-season testing back, teams have agreed that a fourth test will take place in the gap between the Bahrain Grand Prix on April 22 and the Spanish GP on May 13.

The Mugello test, which is being hosted at the Ferrari-owned venue, will then take place from May 1 – giving teams a good opportunity to evaluate car developments following the first four races.

Mugello last hosted a Formula 1 test in January 2009 when Felipe Massa conducted the first test of Ferrari’s new car

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