Karthikeyan, Hindistan GP'sinde HRT Adına Yarışacak




HRT has officially confirmed that Narain Karthikeyan will make his anticipated return to a race seat for the Indian Grand Prix.

Karthikeyan will also be back in the car for Friday practice at next weekend’s Singapore GP in preparation for his home race.

“Of course it’s a great feeling to be driving on a grand prix weekend once again, and on the subject of my home Grand Prix of India, the team had assured me that I’d be driving when I stepped out of my seat after the European GP,” said Karthikeyan.

The 34-year-old Indian lost his HRT race drive to Red Bull protege Daniel Ricciardo before Silverstone, but it was always understood that he would get another chance at India’s inaugural Formula 1 on 30 October. This was underlined when Karthikeyan concluded sponsorship deals for racing at the event.

He has remained part of the HRT operation and ran in Friday practice at the Nurburgring in July.

Team boss Colin Kolles said the Singapore outing was to ensure Karthikeyan was not too rusty when he reclaimed his race seat for India.

“It is great to have Narain back in the car as it will give him critical seat time before he drives at the Indian GP,” Kolles said.

“He is the best driver to come out of the region and is undoubtedly extremely talented as he has proved through his progress this season.”

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