Hamilton: "Asla Kendimi Sorgulamadım"




Lewis Hamilton said he never questioned the belief in himself after returning to the podium at the Korean Grand Prix.

The McLaren driver had endured a difficult series of races that have put him under the spotlight, but on Sunday he delivered a strong drive to finish in second place.

Hamilton, who had started the race from pole position, said he never stopped believing in himself.

“I would never question by belief in myself,” said Hamilton. “That is not something that needs doing.

“I’ve got the trust and the confidence from the team so it is about trying to stay out of trouble, try and stay out of stewards’ office, keep my head down and get better results.”

The Briton said he was happy with his result despite having started from first place, and admitted he had a difficult race because of the handling of his car.

“It was okay. It wasn’t too bad. Mark drove really well through the race and congratulations to Seb. They were massively quick throughout the weekend and in the race it was hard to catch Seb and overtake.

“In the race I struggled. I had full lock everywhere and was struggling with understeer, but it was good weekend for me compared to what I have had in the past so I am happy.”

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